Thursday, June 26, 2014

March-April : In Review

We finally got the new computer up and running so I'm now good to start updating pictures. 

This is what the past few months have looked like in our living room:

 Little legos everywhere! They have been such a hit with G. He LOVES them. 

 This was on St. Patty's day. Greyson thought it was just hilarious that you could pinch someone if they weren't wearing green.

 He is all about astronauts and space right now. Most of the time he plays with his little space missiles, but this day he was really in to doing 'missions'.

 In the little common area in front of our house, there are a few trees that you can climb in to. He had a blast riding his little tractor around to the trees and them climbing them. 

 This was at the circus (the 3 HOUR CIRCUS!). He got a bit crazy... as you can tell. 

 This was our first trip to Silver Dollar City this year. We decided to do the cave and he loved it!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hopes and Dreams

Greyson gets a minute to 'talk' about whatever he wants after his bedtime story. Most times with Luke, he quizzes Luke on what kinds of spaceships have made it to outer space or how rocket boosters work. With me, we talk about his 'Teddy' wanting or not wanting to go out to the cabin (b/c if you don't know; Teddy was left at the cabin for a few months!). Other times, he wants to know, in detail, all about my jobs or whatever I know the most details about (which is not much!). 

But tonight, he was so cute. He wanted to cuddle; and we do this too instead of using a talk minute. The difference tonight was that I told him that I wanted to talk about our hopes and dreams. Our conversation proceeded like this:

Me: My dream is to travel the world with you and Daddy. 
Greyson: My dream is to go to outer space. 

Me: My dream is to see the Chiefs play in every stadium in the US. 
Greyson: My dream is to climb to the top of a mountain and start an avalanche. 

Me: Really, you want to start an avalanche? That's dangerous!
Greyson: Yep. 

Me: My dream is to be more patient with you.
Greyson: My dream is to have Andy's every night after dinner. 

Weekend In Kansas City

Back in March, we randomly decided to take a quick trip to Kansas City. We left late on Friday night and booked a hotel downtown (Westin at Crown Plaza). It was a super nice place to stay with Greyson because it was connected to Crown Plaza (ice skating, shops, Union Station, and Legoland) by walkways. We parked the car and didn't get it until we left. 

Greyson thought Legoland was AMAZING and he adored ice skating. 

Monday, June 2, 2014


Yikes, it's been too long since I've posted. I have a few school type pictures to post, so hopefully I will get around to that soon. 

House building has start next to us and the only upside is that they have construction vehicles there. We might have trespassed the other day to play on them!